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Anaheim Youtopia is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The effective date of our exemption is retroactive to our date of incorporation which is January 12, 2021.

Tax ID: 86-1290026


Our mission at Anaheim Youtopia is to empower, support, and cultivate a stronger sense of community within the disadvantaged youth of Anaheim, and the surrounding areas, via creative learning experiences, resources, and mentor groups.

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

An animated orange and purple letter A that looks like some sort of machine and a hand reaching out of the floor towards it to highlight to viewers that Anaheim Youtopia was made for Anaheimers by Anaheimers.

Made for Anaheimers by Anaheimers

We grew up here and live here. Our work is for the disadvantaged youth of Anaheim, the kids that we used to be.

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We don't have time for hate. We're proud and grateful for each person within the Anaheim Youtopia community.

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Low To No Cost

When we were kids, we couldn't afford to do much, so all of our meets, events, and initiatives are priced for anyone to participate.

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Anaheim Youtopia cannot continue to exist without donations from you! We appreciate every penny! Your contributions help to fund all of our services.

We are always looking for more volunteers! Check out the opportunities page for specifics.

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