Donate Today!

Your donations help us:

  • Buy food and art supplies for our monthly Potluck & Paint Popups

  • Purchase devices for youth in need to support their school work and educational endeavors

  • Fund our epic city-wide urban agriculture project, House Farm!

  • Offer more resources (ex: transportation, clothing, food, books, cell service) to our youth

  • Fund our Alliance Mentoring Groups ideas

  • And so much more!

Our fundraising goal:

Our fundraising goal for 2022 is $15,000. With this money, we'll be able to completely cover the cost of doing business: all 12 Potluck & Paint Popups, House Farm, and the School's Out Grad Party. In addition, we would be able to start our savings so we can afford to fund more great ideas in the future! Like an art show for our kids to practice the business side of art.

We also have an Amazon Wish List!