Get Involved

Two animated characters with arms up in the air looking very excited about getting involved with Anaheim Youtopia

There are a ton of ways you can help us! Other than monetary donations, which we will always need, there are:

  • Volunteer with AY

  • Tell everyone about us, you never know who needs to participate or who could help us help more!

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

  • Like and share our posts

  • Donate supplies - art supplies, music supplies, tech supplies, plywood sheets, gift cards, food, gardening supplies, etc.

  • Ask your company to sponsor us, donate, or match donations

  • Order Krispy Kreme donuts for your next event, gathering, or meeting through us! (50% of funds raised this way go directly to Anaheim Youtopia)

  • Tell your local schools to invite us to their VAPA events, assemblies, and year round events

  • Tell your co-workers about us

  • Tell your friends about us

  • Tell your family about us

  • Tell your mail person about us

  • Tell your cat about us - you think it won't help but it will... Also, tell them we say hi! šŸ˜»

  • Hold a peer-to-peer fundraising event to help us fund our work

  • Collaborate with us

  • Write about us! On your blog, in your newspaper, on your website, in your journal, in the sky, on the sidewalk, or on your bedroom walls (Anaheim Youtopia is not liable for any consequences experienced from writing on your bedroom walls).

Anaheim Youtopia short logo of a smiling face with eyebrows made out of the letters o and p from "Youtopia."