Anaheim Youtopia Arts & Crafts logo with a pair of scissors, pencil, and paintbrush

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Ever grow tired of learning about the same few artists and styles? Or perhaps you're looking to become more familiar with your creative side? The minds behind Anaheim Youtopia created the Arts & Crafts 101 program to highlight some of the art we see daily around Anaheim while educating fine art basics. The Arts & Crafts 101 program is intended to be an all-inclusive and integrated course, which in this case includes but is not limited to, members of all different capabilities!


Members of the Arts & Crafts program will:

  • Vote each week on which topic they’d like to learn more about. Potential topics include Folk art, street art, and animation.

  • Our Anaheim Youtopia delivery person will deliver a “supply bag” to your doorstep at the beginning of the program which will include everything you’ll need for the upcoming meetings as well as a QR code.

  • The QR code can navigate you to a page that will explain how to do our art/craft for that week, some information about the style or artist of the week, some links to more in-depth information if you’re particularly interested, a video greeting, and a supplies list so you can make sure you have everything we’ll need for another great conversational style meeting.


At the end of the program length, week six, our group will:

  • Gather in person for a socially distanced Art Day!

  • We will have plywood available and other supplies for our artists to create their latest masterpieces.

  • When our epic Art Day is complete the donated art pieces will be carefully archived until our two week long Annual Cyber Auction leading up to Universal Children’s Day (November 20) where they will be auctioned off to raise money for future Arts & Crafts 101 programs and to raise awareness of our young artists.


Ages: 13 - 18

Program fee: $65

Program length: 6 weeks

Includes: all art supplies, 1 paint apron to protect clothing.

Need: A device to join meetings on (ex: computer, tablet, phone), cups with water for paints, and space to create.

If you need financial assistance to join our programs please email