Anaheim Youtopia Cooking 101 logo with a knife, plate, and fork


Did you know that more than one quarter of the US population doesn’t know how to cook? That seemed pretty wild to us so we started dreaming up our Cooking 101 program! Though cooking for yourself is much more financially friendly than ordering take out is, it’s also way more than just that! By learning how to cook with Anaheim Youtopia you’ll begin to understand how important what you eat is for the chemistry of your body, how love is an actual ingredient that makes things taste better, how community is nurtured around dinner tables, and how crucial the process of cooking is to the process of eating. To top it all off, cooking is a pretty sweet profession to hold and the skills you’ll learn in the kitchen will definitely help you in many other aspects of your life.


In the Cooking 101 program, members will:

  • Vote each week to decide which recipes they’ll learn how to make. By the end of this 6 week program length, they will have learned to prepare 4 different recipes.

  • Each week an Anaheim Youtopia delivery person will drop off a “grocery bag” to your doorstep. Within each grocery bag you will find proper portions of every ingredient we’ll use to cook up something both delicious and nutritious.

  • We will offer a weekly opportunity to join one of our volunteers at the Cooking 101 garden plot where members will learn about growing their own produce and gain hands on gardening experience.

  • You will also find a QR code that can navigate you to a supplementary information page explaining the recipe, offering some science behind the meal we are going to prepare, as well as any new techniques we may use.

  • Collectively prepare the meals together via telecommunication then enjoy the fruits of our labor as a group.

  • We’ll discuss what we liked, didn’t like, adjustments that might make the recipe even better, and anything else that comes up!


Throughout the program, we will plan a final in-person gathering for our last meeting.

  • We will gather at a local park for Hood Brunch.

  • Members can invite their friends and family to RSVP.

  • Members eat for free (multiple servings not included)

  • Each event will land on a Saturday from 10a - 2p


Ages: 7 - 18

Program fee: $65

Program length: 6 weeks

Time/Date: Tuesdays @ 5p PST

Includes: 5 meals, 1 apron, 1 cut resistant glove.

Need: Cooking utensils (ex: knife, spoon, fork, spatula), something to cook in (ex: oven, stove, instapot), a device to join meetings on (ex: computer, tablet, phone), and a fire extinguisher as a safety precaution.

If you need financial assistance to join our programs please email