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The education system is undeniably flawed, research shows that many disadvantaged students are not well-prepared to pursue a degree; Anaheim has less than 33% of residents over 25 years of age who have received any college degree. Anaheim also has a higher percentage of residents living below the federal poverty line (15.2%) than the national average (13.1%). Who are the majority of these residents you ask? Women in their prime between the ages of 25 and 54. Throughout our time researching “gaps” within the system and looking back over our personal experiences, we were compelled to “build a bridge.” We want to see the members of our community succeed to the best of their ability despite the sometimes overwhelming impact of their status and life thus far.


In our Life Hacking 101 program, our members will:

  • Vote every week to choose which “hack” they want to learn about and discuss. Some of these topics include: stress management, time management, health management, money management, breaking cycles, anatomy, sex ed, and critical thinking.

  • During our weekly conversational style meetings we will help members learn the tools that we believe will alter the trajectory of their life to their benefit. Throughout the six week program length, we will also work on a special project.


The final meeting will be:

  • Dedicated to sharing our final project with each other.

  • The final project will be a sort of life plan. It’s less about members planning their lives and more about them learning the skills necessary to make such plans and reach such goals.

  • We want them to have a real life understanding of what it will take to get to where they want to go and how to most strategically achieve their success.

  • “But why do we gotta share it though?” Great question! There are so many reasons, for one, hearing yourself out loud is much different than hearing yourself within. Bouncing ideas off of a “soundboard” can help you recognize where you can improve or what is just right!

  • It also builds a network! Let’s say one member in the group wants to be a web designer and another member wants to run a business… the entrepreneur can collaborate with the web designer to create a website, which is mutually beneficial to the two.


Ages: 13 - 18

Program fee: $65

Program length: 6 weeks

Time/Date: Fridays from 3-5p PST

Need: A device to join meetings on (ex: computer, tablet, phone)

If you need financial assistance to join our programs please email