Anaheim Youtopia Music Appreciation 101 logo with an animated character laying back while playing a yellow guitar


Yah, there’s music theory... And yah, there’s learning how to read music... but for most of us music is a feeling. We’re drawn to it because it speaks to something deeper within us. Music has the power to change our mood and get us through hard times. We have our favorite genres, we have our favorite artists, we have our favorite beats, and we have our favorite lyrics! But, we don’t really have a lot of places to talk about why we choose what we listen to. Which is why we created Music Appreciation 101!


In our Music Appreciation 101 program, our members will:

  • Vote every week to choose a genre they want to learn about and discuss.

  • During our weekly conversational style meetings we will highlight genres, artists, instruments, how the music affected us, and much more.

  • We will have at least one professional musician and/or producer come speak with the Music Appreciation 101 members to answer any questions that they may have and help mentor them in a way that means something to them.

  • Throughout the entire duration of the program Music Appreciation 101 members will organize closely with AY staff to, little by little, complete a special project.


At the end of the six week program length, the members of Music Appreciation 101 will:

  • Have planned a community-wide cyber Open Mic Night.

  • This will be their opportunity to share what they’ve been working on, share what their friends have been working on, experience new things, and enjoy some local artists.

  • Putting together such an event will provide our members with life long planning skills, priceless experience, community, and a really fun time!


Ages: 13 - 18

Program fee: $65

Program length: 6 weeks

Time/Date: Thursdays from 3:30p - 5:30p PST

Need: A device to join meetings on (ex: computer, tablet, phone)

If you need financial assistance to join our programs please email