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Being chronically ill can be extremely isolating. The Chronic Illness Alliance was created with that in mind. Anaheim Youtopia’s intention with the Alliance Support Groups is to provide a safe space where our members can feel seen and heard for who they are, not who external forces wish them to be.

The Breakdown

  • We will support, engage, and offer resources to no more than 10 young Alliance members, ages 13 to 18, per weekly telecommunication meeting.

  • Our goal is to support each others’ struggles and successes with an understanding ear.

  • We also like to encourage our chronically ill members to become active (if possible) in any of the 101's or Animal Mania club. We know that sometimes it's just your body that can't keep up but your mind can still run! Everything is and can be enjoyed via telecommunication for this reason. We want you to be a part of our community, your life isn't over yet!

  • There is no discrimination against illness or condition, everyone living with a chronic illness is welcome to share and listen.


Ages: 13 - 18

Program fee: $5 per week or $16 per month or $156 per year to gain full access to all clubs, community events, and initiatives.

Program length: Indefinite

Need: A device to join meetings on (ex: computer, tablet, phone)

If you need financial assistance to join our programs please email

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