Anaheim Youtopia House Farm initiative logo of an animated tire with a plant growing inside of it.

The House Farm Initiative is our city-wide urban agriculture project. Anyone is welcome to participate. At our local garden plot we help youth foster a connection to the earth and the food they eat. We educate on the process of setting up and maintaining a no-fuss garden in hopes that youth will find a desire to maintain their own garden in whatever space they have available to them. Our House Farm Initiative also serves as a community meeting point! We invite the artists from our Potluck & Paint meetups to spend some time outdoors with us to become inspired by the many textures and colors found in the garden. Gardening is a great meditation and life skill to acquire! It teaches biology, patience, organization, caring, and so much more!

The Breakdown

  • This is a city-wide initiative.

  • We educate on how to grow fresh produce on all available land using sustainable practices in a collaborative effort to cultivate a better Anaheim.

  • We become inspired by the land and let it influence the art we make.

  • We use the plot as our portal to connect with the earth and feel grounded.


Ages: Any

Program length: Indefinite

Need: To be able to meet us in the garden.

How to participate: email us!