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In case you didn't get a chance to read about it on our Life Hacks 101 page, did you know that the education system is undeniably flawed? Research shows that many disadvantaged students are not well-prepared to pursue a degree. In Anaheim, less than 33% of residents over 25 years of age have received any college degree. Anaheim also has a higher percentage of residents living below the federal poverty line (15.2%) than the national average (13.1%). In particular, women in their prime between the ages of 25 and 54 are the poorest within our city. Our goal is to change that. We know how important a college experience is for individual development and growth so we want to make sure our members have everything they need to be able to thrive in college.

The Breakdown

  • This is an open chat-style group that is available to all members of all ages.

  • Our hope is that the members will regulate themselves with little input from the team.

  • As all of our current members are ages 7-18 we believe they are best suited to assist with common homework issues.

  • The Homework Help Slack channel is moderated by team members.


Ages: 7 - 18

Program fee: Homework Help is included with any 101, Alliance, Club or Rise & Shine Yoga subscription.

Program length: Indefinite

Need: A device to join the #homework-help channel on the Anaheim Youtopia Slack

If you need financial assistance to join our programs please email