Anaheim Youtopia House Farm initiative logo of an animated tire with a plant growing inside of it.

This is one initiative that we're particularly stoked on. House Farm is our city-wide urban agriculture project. All are welcome to participate. All it takes is a little land and TLC. Our team will help source supplies, build raised beds, educate, and more so that the residents of Anaheim can start growing some of their own food again and gain lifelong experience in urban agriculture.
In addition to the above mentioned, our team learned that some residents of Anaheim are losing their houses over uncomfortably small amounts of money owed to the powers that be. We realized that there are a million different reasons that one may find themselves in this particular situation and we were compelled to help! Every year we hope to set aside funds to purchase the tax burden and save people's homes. But! We are here to teach everyone we come in contact with "how to fish", so as part of the "deal" we will connect the person/family with a specialist to pinpoint the areas they're struggling with (whether it be money management, unemployment, addiction, etc.). Once available to do so, all farmable land of each property saved will be dedicated to cultivating fresh produce for a future healthy food bank, a booth at the local farmers market, and/or as supplies for the
Cooking 101 program.

The Breakdown

  • This is a city-wide initiative.

  • We educate on how to grow fresh produce on all available land in a collaborative effort to eventually supply a future healthy local food bank, a booth at the local farmers market, and/or for the Cooking 101 program.

  • Even if you aren't at risk of losing your home you can totally join the farm! If you need any education, resources, etc. we are happy to help you set up your land for growing and sharing!

  • We help save family homes from being foreclosed and lost and help rehabilitate families.


Ages: Any

Program length: Indefinite

Need: A house with farmable land, a desire to gain time-tested agricultural experience, and a drive to be a part of Anaheim's solution for a more sustainable future!